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Our trained investigators assist in every facet of the case from presuit to trial. Having qualified medical-legal and field investigators as part of our legal support team helps us properly evaluate the details of each case, and better prepare case presentations for mediations and trials.

Lisa Lawson, R.N, B.S.N.

Lisa Lawson

Lisa is an experienced nurse paralegal/medical investigator with over 20 years of experience in the medical legal field, as well as 18 years of clinical nursing experience. Her many years of practice in both the clinical aspect of nursing, as well as in the medical legal field evaluating medical malpractice claims brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is necessary for the evaluation of complex medical claims.

Lisa has been a licensed Registered Nurse since 1986. Her nursing background includes the areas of medical-surgical, orthopedic, cardiac, and critical care nursing. She has practiced in the medical legal sector since 1993 and has extensive knowledge as to the evaluation of medical malpractice claims, medical record review, the discovery process, and expert witness consultation, and the litigation process. Lisa works closely with the attorneys and legal team in the investigation and litigation process of legal claims.

Her knowledge of hospital policies and procedures, medical standards of care and her extensive clinical and medical legal experience offers an excellent resource for the analysis and evaluation of complex wrongful death, personal injury and medical malpractice claims.

Pia Tamilio, R.N, B.S.N

Pia Tamilio

Pia is an experienced nurse paralegal/medical investigator with over 25 years of experience in the medical legal field. She has been a licensed Registered Nurse since 1980. Her nursing background includes the areas of critical care, coronary care, medical surgical and emergency nursing. She has extensive experience in the evaluation of medical malpractice claims which includes medical record review and expert witness consultation. Pia is an active participant in the investigative and litigation process of your legal claim.

Robert M. Taylor

Robert Taylor

Our field investigator, Robert Taylor, brings to the Law Office of Jay Cohen over 33 years of military, law enforcement, maritime and aviation experience. These years of experience involve both plaintiff and defense law firms specializing in catastrophic injury and death cases.

As a military flight instructor aboard an airborne AWACS platform, Robert maintained a Top Secret clearance at all times and participated in numerous active air defense missions. To this day those missions remain classified.

As a police patrol officer Robert responded and assisted in traffic homicide investigations, injury crashes as well as other police response calls of service. Robert was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit and was promoted to the rank of detective. As a detective Robert investigated robberies, burglaries and crimes against persons, which required court testimony resulting in the convictions of hundreds of offenders.

While working directly for Lloyds of London syndicate, Robert has investigated aviation related incidents, mega yacht claims and large property losses occurring in the United States and South America. A number of these property losses included security related issues at businesses, commercial airports and governmental agencies. Robert’s expertise in the areas of premises liability and his experience consulting on security issues has allowed underwriters to limit current and future exposure to claims.

Robert has worked with numerous Special Investigative Units (SIU) in their investigations of motor vehicle accidents, fraudulent property and inflated value claims. These investigations have been instrumental in the limiting of liability claims, exposure and losses to insurance companies worldwide.

Robert is another valuable member of the legal team at the Jay Cohen law firm.