Privacy Policy

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We respect your privacy. The information you provide us through this website is never shared, rented or sold to any third-parties. We use the information you provide us only for the purpose it was submitted.

We do, however, track IP information for two purposes: (1) to block potentially malicious attention to our website, and (2) to better understand through analytics what information on our website provides more value to website visitors. In such instances, we make no attempt to further identify you through your IP address.

  Attorney-Client Privilege is Not Automatic

Please do not confuse website privacy with attorney-client privilege. Your visit to our website does not automatically trigger an attorney-client relationship between our firm and you.  Any information you send us is not automatically privileged. Please do not send confidential or sensitive information through email or the web contact form. The information you send us before we have agreed to represent you could be used against you through circumstances beyond our control.