Jay Cohen Injury Law Mentors Video Presentation

Jay Cohen recently recorded a video presentation for Injury Law Mentors, an organization that helps aspiring injury attorneys become more competent by connecting them to industry thought leaders and experts. In “The Secrets to Injury Law Success, ” Jay discusses:

  • Building a case from the records (what doctors are called, when were they called, did the caller express urgency in the wake of a documented increase in the severity of the patient’s condition)
  • Representing both plaintiffs and defendants by focusing on the facts to move any legal dispute toward resolution
  • Proving malpractice causation, often the most difficult of the three prongs of medical negligence which are
    • that there was negligence
    • that there were resulting  injuries and damages, and of course
    • that the negligence caused or proximately caused the injuries
  • Avoiding violation of the Golden Rule (asking a jury how they would feel under similar circumstances), which not only creates reversible error but also need never be argued in medical negligence cases because in severe injury cases jurors can’t help but think “this could happen to me”

Click on the video below to watch the Secrets to Injury Law Success with Jay Cohen.

JCohen-2 from Kyle French on Vimeo. This video provides closed captioning (CC) for the hearing impaired.